By EsquireLife

July 23, 2017

We use technology everyday even if you don’t think you need it.  Recently I created a YouTube channel, and as YouTubers create new content they also are starting creating amazing video.  One of the tools that I use to record some of my videos is my iPhone 7.  This phone is amazing, you can practically shoot, edit, and post all your content.  I use my iPhone 7 for the 4K video quality.

During my travels to Oahu, Hawaii, I was able to record my whole vlog on my iPhone.

As technology evolves so will our phones. It’s a great side weapon because it’s also in your pocket and you can pull it out in a seconds.  Some people may argue that other brands are better than the iPhone but at the end of the day to me it’s all about personal preference.  It’s like me driving a Nissan and you Driving a Toyota… Personal Pref… I’ll stick to iPhone.

Another Tech Toy that you must have is the GoPro Hero 5 Black.  I was skeptical about GoPro, simply because it didn’t have a view finder.  Just recent GoPro released the Hero 5 and it had everything that I need to have.  First, it comes with a view finder that allows you to frame you shot.  As a bonus it also comes with a touch screen that allows you to change settings on the fly.


Good Lord, that is a lot for such a small device.

What makes this small hand held action camera so special it records in 4k, 2k, 1080p.    The App that you can download for your camera is cool, it does have a delay but it will assist you to use a monitor as you record.

The last Tech Toy I love to use and there is a reason I save this until the end.  Before I let you know what it is, I wanted to let you know I have other devices that I have used also, like my Canon t4i, and GoPro Hero 5 Sessions.  These are just more tools I have in my arsenal that I also use to make my videos that much more interesting.

Let’s get back to my last amazing toy.  A device that my wife bought me as my wedding gift, was my DJI Phantom 4 Drone.  Holy Crap, this thing is amazing.

My Phantom 4 has really stepped up my recording game.

My initial impression of it was too good to be true.  Of course it was scary to use, because you are flying something that is every expensive in the air and you are afraid to crash.


Ever since learning to fly the drone, I’ve been able to take my videos to the next level.  A couple of months ago, I recorded a video of my wife at the San Diego Botanical Gardens, and the video was beautiful.  This gave me an opportunity to learn more about my gear.  There are so many beautiful backgrounds and I have to come up with creative way to capture all that.  I honestly haven’t had a comfortable experience with the drone simply because I’m still afraid to crash it.

Wistia video thumbnail


(Music by:  Masionair – “Easier”)

I use the 4k video to record my B roll, it gives you a smooth shot from it’s 3 axis gimbal and when it locks in to GPS, it’s as steady as a helicopter on hover mode.  In my opinion you really don’t need all this things.  If you are really passionate about videos that your best tool is that one you can reach.  Meaning, if all you have is a phone then use it.

If all you have a an old Cam Corder, then use it.  At the end if the day all you need to do is express what you want the world to see.  The gear doesn’t make the story, you do.  But if you do have the budget to purchase more tools, then your story will have more interpretation.


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Always say, YES!

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