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November 12, 2017


Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but the way you think makes you a wantrepreneur.  What does that mean?  I talk to people day in and day out about them wanting to start a Small Business.  Just by the way you came at me “Small Business.”  You have already failed. A lot of Wantrepenerus think if They think small then thier budget will stay small.

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“I can start a business with little or no money out of pocket.”

Unless you want to start a lemonaide stand well go for it.  They see potential in there business because they have a lot of friends and family.  I’ll tell you what, if you think your friends and family are going to pay the bills then you have already went broke.  Your family and friends are broke because you are broke.

If you hang out with 2 broke friends, then you will be the third.

Stop thinking small, stop thinking that your friends and family will support your business.  They will just trying to ask you for discounts or not want to pay you and ignore you at Thanksgiving dinner.

But I have the Passion to start and run a business.  Sorry dude, but Passion does not bring the cash in.  Sales is what you need to focus on and stop knocking on your neighbors doors, because if their house looks as beat up as yours then you’re in trouble.  They have no money to give.

I love talking to these wantrepeneurs on the phone.

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“Well check this out, I got this business plan that I want you to look over.”  

I’m not going to look at shit.  I can write a novel on how I’m going to be a doctor but without going to school then all I can do is call my self Dr. Dre.  “But Dr. Dre is a Billionaire,” no shit dumb ass, he’s not a Doctor you idiot.

Here’s another one that I love.  I was talking to this idiot on the phone, and he was ready and sounded excited to buy my product.  The thing with me is I don’t get excited until you read off your credit card number and it doesn’t come back declined.  I told this idiot, well if you’re serious about learning how to be successful then lets sign you up before you lose the opportunity.  I got the answer of Death.

“Yeah, I need to talk to my investors.”

I’ve heard this many times that I don’t even believe any one any more when I hear that line.  I asked him without batting an eye, “So what time does your girlfriend get home?”  He knew that I caught him in the lie and he starting laughing, because his investor was his girlfriend aka Side Chick with good credit.  Because his wife was broke like him too.  True Story.

Excuses are just lies wrapped into reasons.  You will be the only one that will stop from doing anything.  Saying you are going to start a business is easy, but actually finding the courage to do it is very difficult.  Stop thinking small, if you have to think small then your mentality is like a 5 year old child.  My mentality was I don’t want to work for anyone.  If I don’t sell I don’t eat.  Act if your life depends on it…

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If you don’t sell something you will die. 

I honestly wish social media wasn’t free.  If social media had a fee you would see a drop in subscribers or accounts.  Those same people that don’t want to invest in their business would find an excuse why they don’t use social media.  People would be making up fake accounts with stolen credit cards just to get on there.  Look at Relationship apps.   The free apps profile you create will get the bottom of the barrel people.

I know what you are thinking, “But I met my wife on Tinder.”  Well there you go, now look over at her and see that her face is stuck on her phone and she still hasn’t deleted her account.

“Women always say they rather go to an app where someone paid for a membership or subscription because they get a more qualified man, not these broke ass losers.”  

You need to start hanging out with better people.  I don’t have friends because I don’t need them.  I built my success with my mind, heart, blood, sweat and tears.  People know what I can offer them and they want to see what type of hand out I can give them.  Sorry but I charge for my knowledge and it comes with a price.  If you listen to what I tell you, I will give the tools to become successful.

“I will show you how to build an empire with the tools you’ll need.”  

But the moment you start asking me, “Where you can get my tools for cheaper,” then i know you’re a loser and not serious about your success.

A lot of people will try to get any thing for free to start a business because they don’t want to invest in shit.  If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.  I talked to people that they learned there skill YouTube.  What fucking idiots.  Where in the world are you going to get information for free and start a successful business…  Invest in your professional education and tools for your business.

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It goes back to them being Wantrepreneurs.  

If you ever talk to a Wantrepeneur they will give you every excuse on why they don’t want to spend money and every reason why they are failing, and exagerate every DREAM on how they will be successful.  If you don’t have money to invest in yourself or your business then you have no reason to start one.  Your friends and family can invest but they won’t be running your business.  At the end of the day you won’t pay your friends and family back because you didn’t create that revenue.  It’s easy, you got a hand out.

Be all talk, and be the reason why you work for me and how you could have.  

QUICK SOTRY:  I was talking to a Wantrepreneur one time and he mentioned he was in business for 2 months.  I asked him how many clients do you have? He replies with confidence, NONE, My business cards aren’t ready yet, plus my cousin hasn’t finished my website.”

I always tell people there is a reason why Invicta and Rolex watches are in business.  People with realistic goals will strive for perfection and achieve their dreams and earn their Rolex watch.  Others who are lazy and broke but want to perpetrate that they are successful will buy a Invicta watch.  Don’t get offended because I know your lazy ass has an Invicta, but that watch should tell you something.

What it’s telling you is, “You’re not there yet.”

 You need to take that piece a shit off and work harder to get that reward.

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