By EsquireLife

May 13, 2018

Stop Being a Little Bitch and Fail

(Disclaimer: Word of the Day is Bitch.  Are you a Bitch?)

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but in the past 10 years I’ve noticed people from all over the world just become little b!t

People always find an excuse why they CAN’T

instead of finding reasons why they CAN.

For some reason people have psychic powers and they know the outcome of things.  Wow, well I guess you can’t use your psychic powers to win the lottery. I can’t say that because you will find an excuse why you can’t.  Why don’t you start a business?  No, Because no one will buy my product.  There’s no one that will like what I have.  No one will pay my prices.  I hear this day in and day out.  It’s disgusting how your mind works.

The other day I was briefly talking to someone and the conversation was switched to Cryptocurrency. As soon as that word was brought up, it’s like it triggered his brain, “Oh it’s Scam.”  I asked this person, why it was a scam?  Did you invest?  Well he wasn’t able to respond because people like him like repeating what the news and other losers say.  I’m so glad it was a scam to you.  I know someone persaonlly that made over 2 Million Dollars on this so called scam.  I don’t hear him complaining to me how he regrets investing $1000.00 to make 2 million in 8 months.

You’re so quick to talk negative about something you don’t know anything about and are too scared to take a chance on.  I’m not here to talk about Cryptocurrency, but I took a chance on it and failed, once, twice, thrice.  The more I failed, the more I learned about it.  Finally after becoming an expert on my failure my return was amazing, not as much as 2 million dollars but you don’t hear me bit

I’m just trying to tell the world you’re a little Bitch.

I’ve said this before in my previous blog, “If you’re thinking of your past you’ll always be Depressed, If you think of the present you will always be Happy, and if you think of the future you will always be Excited.”  Why do you think people are always after my mind, they’re always ask me why I know so much?  Why are you always smiling?  Well motherfuckers, it’s because I’m Excited.  I’m always excited, my mind is already focused on next year.  I’m ready to move forward no matter what the outcome.

If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.

People are so sensitive, because they’re still sucking on there mother’s t!t.

Happy Mother’s Day by the way.

You raised a little bitch.

Like I mentioned in my last Blog, Why you’re not successful.  I speak at a lot events and I get paid to fill your life and mind with good information to better yourself.  My life book is already done, tear some pages from my book and add to your book.  Make yours bigger and better than mine.  Where people fail is they try to use my entire book as theirs.  Well no sh!T, you’re going to fail. The failures I have are not the same as the ones you’ll experience.  Learn your mistakes and failures and get stronger.  It’s your turn to fall on your a$$ and get up.

You won’t succeed because you’re scared to fall.

Please don’t compare one day with me to 20 years of my experience.  You still have many years to come.  I have failed more times that I have been successful with.  As teenager I failed, I dropped out of High School my senior year.  Guess what, I worked at a job for $4.25 and hour.  I didn’t like that, so I went back and finished my High School and received my Diploma.  Not A G.E.D. “Good Enough Diploma.”

Every since that experience I always wanted good things in life.  House, Cars, Watches, hot a$$ women etc.  In college I was the only Hispanic in my class.  So I fought hard to get straight A’s.  3 years later I got my applied Bachelors in Science.

Yes I did it in 3 years b!t

What really pisses me off is when someone blames me for their Failures.  What the f@#k, Why is my fault you’re a dumb a$$.  All you did is listen to me on how you can do better.  These idiots leave my events trying to live my life.  No you f#@&!%G dumb a$$, live your own life and be ready to make your own mistakes.  Own up to them and act like a man.   Not a little bitch where you want your mommy to kiss your boo boo.

While in the Marine Corps I was deployed to Iraq in 2004.  Nine months I was there and I had no f#@&!%G room to fail.  Everyday I was there I was fighting for my life.  If I didn’t fight I would get killed or my Marines would get killed.  I couldn’t live life with the guilt of some one getting killed from my failure.  Fortunately, for me and my unit, we all come back alive.  My Marines never once bitched about they long a$$ hot days, the hours with no food.  We just focused on the mission.  I promised them once they get back you will have all the pu$$y you want, because, “You’re a Mother f#@&!%G Combat Marine Veteran.” They knew not to fail because they were on my watch, and they sure loved pu$$y.

We only slept when we could, not because we were tired.

What is your f#@&!%G excuse?  Why are you such a needy piece of sh!T?  Why is it when you fall and scrape your knees you start crying.  When you fail in life or your business you are quick to blame others.  So fast to point the finger at someone because you’re the perfection of your life and you could never do no wrong.  Please wake up and live life.  Stop hiding behind your phones an live.  I rather failure 1000 times than be successful 100 times.  I’ll never know what my struggles are when everything in life is handed to me.  That will make me stronger.

It’s time for your to find your strength.  Stop thinking life is a straight line to success.  It’s curviest line in the world.  Why do you think it took my 20 years you f#@&!%G idiot.  Don’t look at my achievements and make them yours.  I don’t have anywhere close to what I deserve.  What I have is from my failures you stupid bitch.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,

but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

-Bruce Lee

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