The Truth About Esquire Life

I’m a former United States Marine with a chip on my shoulder and want the world to work like fine tuned military machine.  But in a perfect world we know that will never happen. I really don’t care who’s in charge of this County, but I will always respect that Leader as my Commander in Chief.  I fought for my country true.  My Sweat, Blood, and Tears were shed, just to say, I fought for your f#@&!%G Freedom.  Go ahead and step all over it, disrespect it, because it’s yours.  You b!t#h a$$ trolls think you know everything, step in my shoes for 1 minute, you will see he77 at it’s finest.

I don’t believe in friends and don’t have any.  Friends to me will always hold me back in life.  Everyday I live my life as if I was still in the deserts of Iraq fighting in combat.  This is why I always stand above the rest and have succeeded like no other.  It’s been 10 years since my separation from the Marine Corps but it still feels like yesterday when I drove away from the base for the last time.

No one has ever handed me anything in life.  As a child I grew up in a very strict house hold.  My father would beat me senseless when I did something wrong and criticize me if I did something right.  Anytime I wanted something tangible I would have to find a way to work to achieve it just so I can know what it felt to be intangible.  In order to keep myself out of trouble I started my first business at the age of 12.  Ever since then I loved to work.   Work for me as a kid was to live a normal and happy life.“I didn’t grow up poor, but my father made me feel poor.  He did this so I can understand what it was to work a hard day.  This is why I know what it feels like to sweat and bleed for what you believe and want in life.”

Ruben Valenzuela

I strongly belive that I’m a very hard worker and all my Military Medals, Awards and Accolades can prove it.  No matter how hard I work I always love to reward my self with the finest things in life.  As a kid I always wanted what the kids in the neighborhood had, now as a Adult I definitely give my self this because I earned it.  To me being complacent is a disability, as well as being comfortable.  No matter how high or distant something is, I strive for the impossible.  The only way you will ever know if you can do it is to achieve it. No one will ever treat me like I treat myself.

Houses, Cars, Fashion, Watches, Fine Dining, to me this my reward for the sweat off my forehead.  I’m not an expert on these topics but I feel I can explain my experiences because of my passion for them.  Everything I have is only because I’ve earned them.  So any descriptions are strictly from the heart.   And please Don’t disrespect my success if you have not succeeded yourself.

I want to make sure all the readers understand that everyone can achieve what they want.  I’m not rich but I am wealthy in my experiences in life.  My life in the Marine Corps and also working as an educator, I love to shed true meaning of life so you can taste the food you’ve earned.  Nothing is Free in life and nothing will ever be easy.  If you can honestly look at yourself in the Mirror and say,

“Did I accomplished my life today?,

Only then you have you earned the right to lay in your bed and sleep.”

I want to do my best to give you my opinion and feed back on the finer things.

 Nothing is more appreciated when you,

Work Hard to Live Easy.”

Ruben at Esquire Life

Do you want to know who I learn from.  Think Successful and you will be.  

“Practice Success so you can taste your future.”

Always have someone to look up to, someone to Emulate.  I’ve learned so much from these fine Gentlemen.  

I would  love to meet them in the future or even work for them one day.  

They’ve been a huge influence in my life:  

“Show me your Friends, and I will show you your Future…”

– Dan Peña

Dan Peña



Dan Lok



Grant Cardone



General J. N. Mattis (USMC Ret.)


Josh Altman



Robbin Williams (RIP)