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Smelling Success

Practice Success and You Will Win The other day I had the honor to not only sit in a beautiful Bentley GTC and but also drive it.  If you've read my previous blogs you've read that I want to purchase a Bentley Flying Spur.  This is a vehicle that caught my attention...

Are You a Showroomer?

Yes You're a Showroomer Showroomer (noun) – (sho-ru-mer) - A person who goes to shop at conventional stores and looks at an item of merchandise only to buy it online for a cheaper price.Yes, We Have All Showroomed Before,  As a matter of fact some of you will even...

Should I Buy Another Rolex?

Guess What? I Bought Another Rolex DateJust 41 Watch my Latest Video on how I bought a Rolex DateJust 41 Slate Dial with Roman Numerals and Fluted Bezel.  This is the watch that gave my watch collection a great compliment.  I wanted a watch that wasn't too Business or...

Rolex Watches a Crown for Every Achievement

Rolex Watches an Achievement of SuccessEveryone I speak to always ask me for advice on how to become a great business person.  I always refer them to my website but then these mother fuckers come back to me asking about my watches because that's all...

You’re Not an Entrepreneur

You don’t have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur.  Here comes all the little Bitches but I have a business and therefor I’m a Entrepreneur.  But a lot of people out there want to start a business but don’t have the balls to run it.

Men Trying to Impress Men…WTF?

Do you like me?  Why do you want to impress me? Do you want me to Like you?Are you gay?  Honestly, I've met gay men and none of the gay men I've met were trying to impress me.  Why is it that men love to impress other men.  I see it day in and day out in the industry...


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