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Why I Never Give Discounts

Same Amount of Work for Less MoneyI don't remember ever given someone a discount for the hard work that I produced.  If I provide a service, the way I look at discounts is, you're not being fair to me because you're lessing the value of the product.  You feel like...

Think Small Be Small

Your money is small because your mentallity is small.I had a meeting with a client the other day and he mentioned to me that he didn't believe in charging for his quality of work.  He wanted to be quality but didn't want to charge a premium price.  I hate talking to...

Are you Poor Minded

Or Are you Rich MindedIn my last blog I mentioned a successful business man by the name of Dan Lok.  I've really caught on to his theory because I can relate to how he teaches.  Recently I watched on of his YouTube videos I'll link in below.  "7 Things Poor People Do...

My Tesla Model X Experience

I remember test driving a Tesla Model X about 2 years ago.My experience wasn't pleasant.  Not pleasant like the drive or the car sucked, but more like If I bought a Model X, it would add 10 years to my life.  I felt older in that vehicle and I didn't want people...

Negative People

A Negative + A Negative = A Dumb AssSorry that my math sucks, but you know what I'm talking about.  One thing I can't stand in life is negative people.  They're the type of people that as soon as you see them, they just drain the living soul from you.  Anything that...

Buy Once Cry Once

If you go cheap you will complain moreI'm tired of listening to all these people complaining about things they buy.  Every one is so quick to say I can find it cheaper some where else.  "Well shut the fuck up and find it, then. Why are wasting my time"  Why are people...


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