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“Excuses are Lies Wrapped into Reasons…”

Don’t Lie to Yourself on Why You Can’t

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Your Watch Age

Your Watch will say A lot about your Age. Being in the watch game for over decade now, I have observed different styles of watches.  But still to this day I've always found Rolex watches classic and never changing.  I guess if it's not broke don't fix it.  Through out...

What Your Watch Says About You

Your Watch Tells a Story so Wear it with Caution Everything I'm going to say here is my opinion.  I know some of you idiots are going to get offended and I honestly don't give a fuck.  Two things, either you're going to be a little bitch about it and leave a dumb ass...

Stupid Questions in Sales

Are you Asking the Right Questions to Close?A lot of times we think we can close deals because we give the client a lot of information.  This goes back to my previous blog Talking is not Selling.  You can talk all day to a client but if you're not asking the right...

Laziness will Only Show You Success

Stay on Your Ass the View is Better from There One thing I fucking hate in this life is Fucking Lazy People.  Don't get me wrong they're times when I'm lazy and I want to sleep in because I had a long difficult work week.  But even when I sleep in I get up at 6am and...

Your Business Name Sucks

"Bob's Plumbing, We Lay The Pipe Right..."Every one wants to run a successful business, but at the same time they think small.  You think small, you will be small and it all starts off with your business name.  I drive around and see all these business and just by...

EsquireLife Styles Fashion Accessories

EsquireLife Styles Fashion Accessories I've been working on this idea for a long time now.  It was all about execution and not making excuses.  This is a whole new venture for me because I'm so used to being face to face and selling directly to a customer.  Now what...


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